Firewire... Auto Harddrive spindown?

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Sorry for asking this.. I have looked all around and have not been able to find an answer... I have an AcomData external 80 gig firewire harddrive. I always eject it and turn it off when I am done using it because I have no clue if it automatically spins the drive down after X amount of time. Does OSX include this in the power saving options with "Spin down harddisk when possible"? If not, is there a way to get it to do this? Thanks!


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    I would imagine that most HDs spin down after a certain period of not being used. All HDs in current machines do, so I don't think that a newer FW drive would be any different. I believe that OS X will apply your power save settings to any external disks as well.

    Note: This isn't much of a DH topic.
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    Ya sorry about the topic. I just was like "Hmm, harddrive, a periphral." And after I posted it I was like "uh oh, who is going to catch it first?" So if someone would kindly move this to the right place.. I am guessing the genius bar? Sorry 'bout that. Thing with the harddrive is I never have to wait when I access it. Ever, so I am not very sure that it does in fact spin down.
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