How much life left in the G3...

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Asking for a little purchasing advice...

Im buying my mother an ibook, and the two options I have in my price range are the 12" G4 model and the 14" G3 model. I suspect she may prefer the larger screen but I am worried that the G3 may not age well now that everything is G4 or G5.

She plans on using it for email/internet, scanning stuff and printing. No doubt she will get hold of a digital camera too before long.

So what do you guys think... will a G3 900mhz last another three years or should I insist on a G4.


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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    It will last, but the general advice that is usually given is, get the most power you can afford. In this case the 12" G4. Sure, the G3 is a solid computer, but it will show its age right away, and only get worse. You'll get a good amount of life out of that G4, three years should be no problem.
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    aslan^aslan^ Posts: 599member
    Thanks for that, I knew the G3 wasnt the way to go, I just needed someone else to tell me so, and then suddenly I remembered if the screen size is too small she can always hook up an external monitor for home use and the smaller form factor is better for travel anyway.

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