12" iBooks - End of Life!

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After hearing a tidbit from one of the Authors at TheiMac Network, and a little bit of research, it appears that the two 12" models of iBook have been designated End of Life. While this story walks the fine line between rumor and fact, the EOL issue is an apparent reality.

After talking with CompUSA and one independent retailer, it appears that the iBook G3 500 12? and the 600 12" status was changed to EOL on January 7, and today they are just beginning to run out of stock. Model numbers from the replacing (Rev C) iBooks are already in the distribution system, and records show that the new iBook revision is already available in the distribution channel.

What has changed? Since the new iBook revision has apparently not shipped to any retailers yet (as determined by a quick view of the distribution inventory), and product specs have not changed for the new models, it appears that the changes are in the minds of the rumormongers.

The only change that is readily apparent are a change of the packaging size across the full line of iBooks. Usually, when a product is EOL it indicates a new product announcement. Will Apple decide to announce a change to the popular iBook the Mac community dubs the 'iceBook', even though Apple said that it would not announce new products at Macworld Tokyo (this week)? Who knows; this could be a precursor to a new product announcement (i.e. real news,) or nothing at all (i.e. no news.) Whatever it is, it's an interesting tidbit.



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    Try and read the update on that article:

    There is some discussion coming in suggesting that the data from both sources are not exactly correct. It seems that to the untrained eye, the iBook models from before Macworld SanFrancisco in January are still in the inventory system as "promotional" systems. There is some indication to suggest that the Revision "C" iBooks are the current set of iBooks lending creadence to the original assertion that there will be no new CPUs announced at MW Tokyo.

    Again, whether this is true or not just adds to the colorful nature of the Mac community. I suggest taking it all with a grain of salt. For what it's worth, it seems a little early to deliver a new iBook update since the last one was in January. Make your own decision.
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    Check FH. There's been a thread about that for a while.
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    Sorry EmAn, I only looked in Current Hardware because the article refers to Current Hardware. My mistake.


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    [quote]Originally posted by RosettaStoned:

    <strong>Sorry EmAn, I only looked in Current Hardware because the article refers to Current Hardware. My mistake.



    No problem
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