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Anybody used any wireless A/V devices to connect your Mac to your entertainment center?

I'm just wondering how well it works..any distortion or interferance?

also any product recomendations would be cool too


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    You'll probably laugh at me for this but I did rig something up once. I had this tiny TV in my room for a while and no antenna/cable connection. The only thing I got was channel 36 which always works. (it is like the broadcasting antenna is in my back yard) Anyways, what I did was hook my Pismo up to the TV and use the TV ad the desktop. Then on my G5 in another room I used quicktime broadcaster to stream a TV signal from a Hollywood DV bridge over firewire. I compressed the stream and connected the two computers over a 802.11b network. Bingo. TV in my room. Plus any other media (movies/pictures/music) I want at my fingertips.

    Not what you were expecting, right?8) Well, at least it was fun to setup.

    I don't know about wireless, but some of THESE may help or minimize the number of wires.
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