I thought of a sweet new game with iTunes!!!

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ok, everyone knows the whole "7 ways to kevin bacon" game, or whatever its called. well, how awesome would it be to have a game where you had two songs, and you had to get from one to the other using the "listeners of ____ also bought _____" feature in iTMS??? obviously the game would always be changing, and there are probably enough possiblities for every song that people even with a limited knowledge of "similar artists" could probably find their way around. basically, the point is that if you know a lot of artists and who is simialr to who, it will be much easier. and obviously it could be like "3 ways from 'i fought the law' to ____," rather than 7. anyways, what do you think? if this seems like a cool idea, it'd be a good game to play in htis thread to. i guess some rules would need to be made up first, but you get the point.


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    Go take a shower cause that idea....lol. Just playing, I dont think that it would work well...the Kevin Bacon game gets ridiculous pretty quickly.
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