Airport Extreme and other 802.11g stations?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Can anyone who's dabbled with the new Airport Extreme base station, and other manufacturers' stuff, tell what is the difference and what Apple does right?

Around here, 100-130e buys you a competing 802.11g base station that has 128-bit crypto and some kind of firewall. Apple's solution (the cheaper one) costs 250e. The only differences in specs that I notice are:

- AE always needs to be configured from a Mac (which is basically a negative thing, since it's not as flexible as web browser configuration)

- AE can do print sharing for some combination of specific USB printers and Macs

so I'm guessing there must be more to Airport. Is there? Or are the competitors once again just so difficult to use that Apple can get good margins by selling essentially the same stuff?
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