In need of your help.

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Dear AI,

Some of you may know me as the person behind and I would like to ask you for your help. Last night I dream that I was standing at the end of a freeway asking for help so I could become a real photographer. At the moment, I?ve not been able to secure a job and the savings that I have are for paying up the bills and insurance. In my PayPal account, I have $11.19! If you can help, I would very appreciate your generosity.[email protected]

(If you don?t like PayPal, email me).

If you know anyone who could donate a medium or large format camera/lenses/lighting equipment/filters/etc, let me know. If you are wondering what would I use your donation for? I would use it to acquire a Toyo-Field 45CF 4x5 view camera.

Thank you so much and best wishes.

Yours truly,



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