itms needs no credit card?

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when i compleated setup of myapple account for what i think is one click, i entered the basics name ,address, email, phone

and credit card (i have none) was marked optional does this mean i could say buy an alblum and get a bill at the end of the month, kinda like a catv ppv that u keep?

fyi: redeemed a pepsi cap and i am hooked - surprisinly good quality, much higher than whats on the...not so legal...sites

all i can say is apple got the idea to fruition flawlessly


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    well, as far as I know, you can REGISTER an account and browse with it(or redeem pepsi songs or gift certificates) but you can't actually BUY anything, without submitting your credit information.

    I bought 2 albums last night and the receipt for one arrived but the other hasn't yet, sometimes there is up to a week delay on receipts, I don't know if that means it wasn't charged until then, but so far as I know it's not an end-of-month type thing.
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