P900 OS X Theme

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so here it is, my pride and joy....

download it, and lemme know of any improvements you would like to see...




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    Um, I'm sorry, but what in the world file extension is .utz and what program applies the theme? Is it just an OS X theme, like for ShapeShifter? SS doesn't recognize .utz and I've never heard of it.
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    Just transfer it to your P900 over bluetooth, it will automatically recognize it.

    Here's a better version with improved text/background:


    Few pictures:

    EDIT: added pics
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    hey extras, it's a theme for a cell phone interface. unfortuantely, i don't have a p900, but i'll assume it looks great!
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    Oh ok, I get it now. I thought that P900 was the name of a theme that you made for OS X. I get it now. Looks good though, wish I had a cell phone, I'd check it out if I did.
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    Looks great, well judgin by the screenies anyways,

    The only thing I don't like is the text in this screeny

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    I hate that text as well, but it's super hard to change it so it would work in different menus and lists.

    You can't define text for just a list view, it also exist in the menus etc..

    Fixing one thing breaks another, but i will try to tweak it..

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    Yeah I would defiantly use this theme if I had a p900
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