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Sources said FileMaker 7 will boast significant performance improvements, with one source describing the new version's speed as "SQL-like." While Think Secret couldn't obtain specific performance numbers, one informant said that "it's noticeably faster than FileMaker 6 running on the same hardware."

I'm looking forward to learning more about Databases. Looking forward to seeing what Filmaker 7 offers and learning more about it.


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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    This sounds amazing. There's generally been a disconnect between nice RAD platforms on toy databases and bad development platforms on solid databases (and nice RAD platforms on solid databases that cost a fortune - I'm looking at you, Oracle). This should be very attractive to enterprise and small business.

    The addition of something like a Real Database(TM) to FM's price point will be very significant in itself.
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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,830member
    Hopefully it's still in Filemaker's price point.

    That said, I've been hearing about FM7 for two years now and every tidbit sounds better than the last. Since Adobe's graphic-intensive apps run on 18 month upgrade cycles, I never guessed Filemaker's rewrite could take so long.

    A lot of this sounds great and will put OS X adoption through the roof, business-wise, if true.

    But please, I'm begging you, JUST SHIP IT ALREADY!
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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,830member
    When will the new version ship? This is somewhat unclear. While earlier indications suggested that FileMaker could announce the product at Macworld SF, those plans changed for unknown reasons. One source said FileMaker 7 will announce the new version sometime during the first half of this year.

    While the specs are truly impressive, this is the really eye-opening part of the article.

    We know the rewrite was outlined in a public speech in Summer 2001 (posted elsewhere on this board) and the process was supposed to take two years.

    We know it was shown to delegates at the annual FM conference last summer.

    We know (from Amazon & others) that Filemaker 7 books were scheduled to be released in the Oct/Nov '03 timeframe, then delayed. Then the rumors said the product would be unveiled at MWSF, then it was not. All the while more and more people have gained access to the feature set, so it definitely exists.

    The deadlines could've slipped badly, or bugs were found that required attention. Databases need to be rock solid, every single time.

    On the other hand, Filemaker doesn't have any real competition on the Mac platform. And it doesn't draw enough heat on the Windows platform to deserve such exceptional security measures. If the product is to be announced "in the first half of this year" why not show a tech demo at MWSF?

    Even Microsoft showed Office, and offered the new version free with purchase of the older version, thus not harming existing sales.

    Why not even a press release for MWSF? That the new Filemaker will be more stable and have more features isn't really news, it's just obvious.

    Maybe the conspiracy buff in me is out for a spin, but I see a Jobsian hand in all this. No AppleWorks for ages, then Keynote unveiled, now Filemaker is being kept under wraps.

    Something is definitely up at Infinite Loop. I'm thinking the next iMac redesign will appeal to the small business market a lot more than most people realize.
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