Hajj 'great success' ? Saudi minister



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    Originally posted by segovius

    Moogs - also you have to realise that Saudi is a quasi-fascist dictatorship. And I mean that without any sort of exaggeration.

    You don't just turn up for the hajj. There are very arduous procedures and 'troublemakers' of any sort are weeded out quite effectively.

    You just cannot apply western democratic values to these people - they have routinely killed more people than Saddam (if you discount the deaths in the Iran/Iraq war) but they do it by 'trials' and 'executions' rather than by summary killings and disappearances so that is supposed to be ok. There is far less freedom there than there was in Saddam's Iraq.

    What can any Muslim - especially a foreign one actually do ? And certainly Saudi citizens know better than to criticize the ruling dictatorship.

    If you are asking about opinion then yes, many (the majority imo) Muslims would be critical of Saudi for this. Blame them even. Though that is just my opinion and I have heard nothing of it.

    I agree with you at 100 % and i can confirm that Saudi governement is not popular among arabs dispite the huge funds they spread all over the world.
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    Originally posted by Mars

    I guess that they see it as an acceptable loss as we see the holiday traffic deaths on tv.

    It never states if anyone stopped to help the fallen.

    I bet they did have medical crews to help, but were too late and almost impossible to get to them.

    I find calling an event in which 260 people die a success deplorable

    There seemed to be a total lack of remorse from the religious leaders..

    Well, I think you're spot on with the comparison to holiday traffic.

    Think about the news reports post-holidays that talk about "This year, holiday traffic deaths were down 10%, our safety programs were a success!"

    Is it possible that it might not be really that different?
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    Originally posted by segovius

    But we do need (and I mean in a world sense now not just an Islamic one) to get the Saudis under the microscope.

    These guys are responsible for a lot of terror. They don't have that rep but it is so. They are also a fascist regime. They are also one of the leading human rights abusers in the world. They are not Islamic. Period.


    In Saudi Arabia you aren't allowed to play chess as it BLATANTLY advocates the overthrow of the monarchy. Thus it is only understandable that they vent their anger at a stone with the word USA scribed on it! Fischer and Kasparov would have done the same thing.The root cause is no chess! So leave the Wahabi's alone! They are a gentle chess-loving people whose pastime has been cruelly taken away from them and they must occupy their time throwing stones (remind you of anything??), and fund terrorism of course...
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    not to goad the troll but the bushes more or less directly fund terrorism then through their less than secret financial associations with saudi arabia's aristocracy. of course, we already knew this.
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