Replacing our old beige G3

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Hi to all!

Finally talked my parents into replacing our old beige G3 desktop but as usual, we cannot agree on what to get. I am thinking about a 12" PB with a 17" Formac monitor, mom is talking about a 15" iMac, and dad - being a guy - wants a G5 even though we have no need for its power. It would be used mainly for email, school work, and so on with me (tenth grade) as the primary user. We have no need for a DVD burner and portability would be a plus, but not a necessity as we thankfully use Macs at my school.

I would appreciate any comments from owners and users of these models. We do not do any "pro" work at all with the most "taxing" work being adusting levels with Photoshop Elements and occasional use of iMovie. Would maxing out the RAM help with such run of the mill uses?




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    I feel so unwanted.........
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    I just upgraded from a Beige G3 in September, and my mom from an iMac DV SE 400 in December.

    We both upgraded to
    • DP 1.25GHZ

    • 768MB RAM

    • SuperDrive

    • ComboDrive

    • 160GB

    • Radoen 9000 64MB

    I Strongly recommend this comfig it's the best preformance/value, with lots of expansion. The price to double the default 80GB to 160GB through Apple is worth it. also having a SuperDrive and Combo allows you to burn one CD while reading off another or duplicate CD's and DVD's etc. Also by having a SuperDrive it really makes backing up data allot easier. Then go with Kingston for RAM and you can get 3x512MB RAM for like under $300.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I would upgrade to a G5. Apple will support it longer and it has more options for expandability.

    Oh, and Beige_G3, even though I primarily use a G5, my Beige G3 is still set up in another room. That machine keeps tugging no matter what I throw at it.8)
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    maemae Posts: 2member
    Sorry about that, Beige_G3...

    Thanks for the input, guys.
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    I guess it really depends if you want it up on your desk, a one piece solution, or have the box under the table.

    Find a cube... I always wanted a cube (they have a G4 and can be upgraded) yet I never bought one...

    Maybe I'll get one when its reincarnated as a G5. A guys got to dream, right...
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    you dont want/need a dvd burner NOW but 2 years from now when dvd media and cd media are the same(ish) price like 2-12 cents a disk, you will want a dvd burner to backup 4 gigs a pop and not 700 megs a pop

    and a dual g5 - if you want 3+ years then an old pc addige comes to mind : "Buy as much power as you can afford"

    and think about this, you didnt need a laptop for the past 5 yrs, do you NEED one now? or would more power come in handy?
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