good news for internet addicts...

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from Slashdot...

No harm in extended internet use

looks like its okay to use the internet for extended periods of time, and it doesnt cause any psycological problems that weren't there already.

Sounds like internet use is the cure rather than the cause of loneliness and depression.

I used to use IRC a fair bit (12-19 hours a day) about six years ago, got tired of it but it sure was fun. I didnt think it was healthy back then but on reflection it was probably a whole lot better for me than just watching TV.


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    I don't see how you can sit there for 12-19 hours a day. That would bore me to death!
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    Originally posted by DMBand0026

    I don't see how you can sit there for 12-19 hours a day. That would bore me to death!

    *looks at clock*

    *wonders when I started using the computer this afternoon*

    *is glad I remembered to take food, bathroom, and stretching breaks*

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    aslan^aslan^ Posts: 599member
    I didnt have anything better to do,

    basically I moved from Australia to the States and I had no friends, no job and all my normal activities (drinnking, clubs etc) were denied to me because of my age (18 is the drinking age in Australia and you can usually get in at sixteen if you try enough places, I was eighteen).

    so I was a little lonely, bored and I was waiting to join the Army, when I signed up I put in a two month buffer before going to basic for something that never eventualized.

    So... really... I didnt have a whole lot of options, Grandpa was paying for food and putting a roof over my head, and its hard to find a job for two months (rude too I think).

    Yes, it was boring, but less boring than watching TV or doing nothing.
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    Of course, people on CRT monitors still have to worry about their eyes getting shitty.
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