ipod playlist live updating...

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
ok, if you use smart playlists in itunes, and have 'live updating' turned on, you know how adjusting ratings, etc immediatley updates your playlist. well, today i discovered that this carries over to the ipod, which i had always wanted but apprantely already had and didnt know it. so here's how it goes (for those of you who dont know):

first, you have to be using smart playlists and live updating. a good way to try all this out is with a smart playlist that includes your 5 star rated songs. once you have that playlist on your ipod (and have ejected the ipod, etc) find a song that has a 4 star rating. select it so it starts playing, then tap through and change the rating to 5 stars. now go into your live-updated smart playlist labeled 'top-rated' (or whatever you chose for the name) and you should find your song in there that you just changed from 4 to 5 stars.

all of this also works if you have a 'recently played' smart playlist. maybe this is all common knowledge, but i've mentioned it before as something i wanted and nobody said anything about already having it. so anyways, go have some fun!
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