iMovie...What am I doing wrong?

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I had 3 different trips that I took my camcorder on and I wanted to archive the video, and back it up to CD or DVD. So I imported the video off of the camcorder, then exported the clips to .mov files with no compression, and they came out fine. Large, which is ok, but fine. The problem is, when I try to play them back on my PC, they won't play. They play on my Mac just fine, so I know the files are ok. I've tried backing them up to DVD, and replaying them on the PC as well as just copying them over my network to make sure it wasn't a disc format issue. Anybody know what i'm doing "the PC is the issue" comments please. I know they suck, but they are a evil necessity. =)


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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    I assume you have QuickTime on your PC?
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    cyko95cyko95 Posts: 391member

    Originally posted by Jambo

    I assume you have QuickTime on your PC?

    Yeah, 6.5.
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    just as a test:

    open up your project, go to export, choose the export for web, or something like that. just leave all the settings as they are, and export that, then try that file on the pc. the thing that might have happened with the first one is that the file type was just wrong. i dunno--i'm sorry if none of this makes sense, but i dont have a good read on what you tried to do (specifically). if this doesnt help, post some more details about what you tried...

    if you wanna figure it out on your own, go into 'expert settings' when you click export, then mess around with all those different options at the bottom (where it says quicktime movie, etc).

    good luck!
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