.Mac Address Book has messed EVERYTHING UP!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Okay, so I log into my Address Book on .Mac and it says my information is messed up and gives me the option to Reset using my OS X information or Sync the two.

I thought syncing the two would be best, and now my .Mac Address Book has TWO of nearly every contact in my book (about 140). Not only that, but I know that whenever I run iSync it's going to put two of everything in my T610, Clie', iPod, AND in Address Book on my Mac.

The only option I can see that I have now is to reset all devices using info. from my Mac (the most accurate at this point), but that means that I have to hose my Clie', T610, and iPod's information. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have pictures associated with entries in my T610 -- BTW, it's a good thing I haven't recorded voice entries on there since the last time iSync fscked everything up.

What is the deal? I'm about *this close* to just going all the way back to Palm Desktop and saying "screw it" to iSync, Address Book, iCal, and .Mac's Address Book. Is there a trick or some 3rd party software that I'm missing to avoid having to do this but NOT take risks with constantly duplicating, triplicating, or EVEN quadruplicating (yes this has happened) my info? Is there a program that would allow me to sync my Palm Desktop information to the T610 via Bluetooth?

This REALLY is getting frustrating, because I've had problems with stuff like this on several occasions. I still have to get into iCal and delete a bunch of the multiple holiday entries and so on that were inadvertently created way back when. This whole process has got to be more efficient than this!


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    Sorry for acting like a mod when I'm not one, but this should go in Digital Hub.
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    Wrong. If anything it should go in Genius Bar. Thanks for the hearty response from you all, too. Much appreciated.

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