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I just aquired a old Canon Innova Media PC. 75Mhz Pentium, 40MB Ram, and 800MB HD. Here's what the problem is. The OS was all screwy so I did a format from MS-DOS. It all worked fine until I restarted. I can't do anything with the computer anymore. It says Insert Book Disk in drive A. I do that, and it doesn't work. The CD-ROM doesn't work either to load windows 98 on there again......I just can't seem to get a OS installed......... What should I do?


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    fotnsfotns Posts: 301member
    First, enter the BIOS setup and check the boot order (usually by pressing the delete key or F1 at boot time). Hopefully you will be able to set it so the boot order goes something like floppy, CDROM, then hard drive. Hopefully it will then either boot off the floppy or CDROM. I am not sure how detailed you want me to go, though. Have you installed Windows before?
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    Get rid of it, thats the most worthless computer in history.
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    Can you get to the BIOS setup? I just built a pc and have been screwing around with things like this - if you switch your boot drive to first look at the CD-COM does that do anything? To get to the BIOS setup you hold delete or F8 or some other key depending on the motherboard. I am pretty Windows ignorant - but that is what I would do!

    EDIT: oops - didn't see the other replies
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    You want to install Windows 98 on a 75MHz machine???

    I had a similar machine, except 100MHz. It struggled with Windows 95...
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    I figured it out, finally. When I had formatted the drive in DOS, I didn't format it as a Boot disk Ex. Format C:/S. I finally got it working. Another nice thing, I was able to overclock the Proc to 120Mhz. It's stable, I very surprised at that. From 75Mhz to 120Mhz. Thanks all for suggestions. Your checks in the mail
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    xmogerxmoger Posts: 242member
    For several months most Pentiums were binning at 90Mhz, but 75Mhz was the sweet spot in sales. Hence, the nice boost to those who knew how to overclock.
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