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Does anybody know what the main theme from Band of Brothers is called??? I don't think it was made just for Band of Brothers I think they used it from somewhere else but I don't know. If anybody can help me out and tell me what it's called that'd be great, or if it's just made for it or whatever thanks.


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    Band of Brothers ranges from the rousing to the tenderly tragic. In both cases, the music is truly evocative. This score borders on the triumphant musical-elements of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Mr. Holland's Opus as well as a number of other scores from Kamen's bag o' heroics. The sole element that could be said to be "inspired by" John Williams' Saving Private Ryan, is the Main Theme (1). Here, Kamen utilizes the choir to perform the theme in hymn-like fashion and immediately draws memories of Williams' Hymn to the Fallen._ Despite the similarities, Kamen's piece does stand on its own two feet. The soundtrack concludes with a powerful performance of the main theme, Band of Brothers Requiem (20) with vocals performed by Maire Brennan and Zoe Kamen. The vocal performances of the main theme sandwich the rest of the score in the same way Hymn to the Fallen did for the Saving Private Ryan release and like its predecessor the Band of Brothers main theme leaves its mark upon the listener.
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