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I am going off to Penn State University in about 4 and a half months to enroll during the summer session. I want to just enroll to do 3 credits and acquaint myself with the college. I am in a bind as to what computer is "right for me."

I am leaning towards the 12'' PowerBook as I have heard people tell me that portables are the way to go in college. But also the low end G5 looks very enticing, at least the education prices are pretty much equivalent to the 12'' PB.

The PowerBook deal looks like this

1 Ghz G4, 12'' Superdrive, 512 RAM, 60 GB HD, 4200 RPM=$1559

PowerMac looks like this

1.6 Ghz G5, No display, 512 RAM, 80 GB HD, 7200 RPM=$1600

What would you go with, what is the better buy? Power or portability is probably the question here. Will the PowerBook be capable 3 years from now at 1 Ghz?


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    drop the superdrive

    don't you already have a desktop?
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    I love using my 15" AlBook for school.

    I doubt i will every buy a desktop again (unless it is in addition to a laptop).

    And the 1ghz processer better last me the 4 years i'm at school!

    Adding a display to the tower will put the price about the powerbook (especially if you buy an apple display)

    My vote is for potable. Does the campus have any wireless networks? If so, be sure to get an airport card. Wireless internet is fantastic. Very useful if you're in the library, caf, etc
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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    I'd guess that by the time you'd need to buy, there would be at least one more Powerbook bump, maybe you'd be able to get something around a 1.25 GHz for the same price as the current 1 GHz. That would probably last 3 years.

    The portability is nice, especially if you want to take notes or use wireless while on campus. It's also much easier to bring with you on trips home, as well as for any other travel you may do.

    I use my Powerbook for just about all class-related work. I have a desktop PC here, but only use it for gaming and occasionally some work.
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    Yeah, Penn State University has a wireless infrastructure. I am really leaning towards the PowerBook, especially if my parents "allow" me to keep my current desktop. I didnt buy it, so they will probably want to keep it around at is only used by me currently. If I can keep my iMac, which has a superdrive then I wont need to add one into the PowerBook. That would be the way to go I think.

    P.S. how many or do you think there will be ANY update to the 12'' PowerBook before June?
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    PowerBook all the way, man. Desktop, schmesktop...
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    Thanks all, I'm gonna think it over for the next two weeks. I'll let you know what I decide, though right now I'm leaning towards the PB 12''.
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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    Meh, I have both a desktop and laptop in a fully wireless campus, I don't find myself aching for my laptop. Then again my laptop runs winsuck, and does frustrate me a lot.

    Desktops are safer anyway.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member

    Originally posted by Messiahtosh

    Thanks all, I'm gonna think it over for the next two weeks. I'll let you know what I decide, though right now I'm leaning towards the PB 12''.

    If you don't need it until spring or fall, and you already have an iMac at home and you want your new machine to last as long as possible, why not wait until after an update to buy?

    even if you have to bring you imac to school for a few months. This is what i did (for me it was a 333 imac) and i certainly don't regret holding off on my purchase. For me it meant the additions of: AirPort Extreme, Firewire 800, USB 2.0, new case design, 0.1" (ok so that isn't so great) and 133mhz.

    I'm not saying the next PB update will be as significant as the last update (Ti 15" -> Al 15") but and update is an update. The more current the machine you buy is, the longer it will be before it is outdated.

    just my $0.02
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