web address icon.... how?

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how do you incorporate an icon up in the address bar of the web browser for you own website?


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    What you are referring to is called a "favicon" (fav-eye-con). Dimensions have to be 16 by 16 pixels. You can use a bitmap with no transparency and rename the the handle from .bmp to .ico or you can use many of the generators on the web.

    Here are a couple that were successful for me:



    Now, once your .ico graphic is ready, you just place it in the same directory as your index.html, or any other pages you may think people will bookmark.

    Keep in mind, some browsers have a hard time showing the favicon. Re-bookmarking the page, clearing the browers cache, and dragging the icon next to the address has all worked for me. Good luck.
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    Originally posted by Akumulator


    one thing to mention... make sure you only go live with your favicon when you are sure it's ready for primetime. safari's cache needs to be cleared in order to show any changes to favicons, and i am betting most other browsers do, too. so just make sure you like it, because some people may be looking at it for a very long time.. even after you change it... if they never flush the cache.
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    Ok. Good to know, thanks.
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