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I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with Cinema 4D from Maxon? I personally don't know anyone who uses it and I was just curious about what someone who has actually used it thought about it. What caught my eye was the lower price and that you can buy only the modules that interest you.

Does it do everything you wanted in a 3D application? How does it compare to Lightwave and Maya? It got a good review in Macworld but sometimes I don't agree with them. Any information is greatly appreciated.


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    Our local "Leonis" (Pollux Chung) is quite the expert.

    Here's his site:

    I like to tinker in C4D as well. I *really* like it. The learning curve is much lower than Lightwave, IMO. Though, I'm hardly a master of 3D; so, I'll leave the reviews and comparisons to someone better qualified.
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    Thanks Brad for the info. I tried to do a search of the forums here but I keep getting this error:

    "The search term you specified (3D) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer. "

    I just wanted to read up a little on people's experiences with different 3D applications but I guess I am using the wrong search terms. Do you have any suggestions to find general 3D application Topics here? Thanks for the help.
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    Originally posted by Brad

    Our local "Leonis" (Pollux Chung) is quite the expert.

    Oh yeah, thanks for putting me into heaven

    I am not an expert.

    If you want to see all those real experts go to or or
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    Actually Cinema's rendering engine is one of the fastest in the market (Electric Image is currently the fastest I believe)

    Lightwave is fast on rendering too. And it's tool set is powerful. However I am not a fan of its "Separated working environment" Modeling in one app and animation/assembly in another. It's very hard to see the relation between models right away. And I personally hate its interface with passion.
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    Thanks for the links. I enjoyed your site too, very nice work.

    I come from a print design background and I have branched out into web stuff but I have always been curious about 3D. A client of mine was asking me if I would consider doing a small amount of 3D work for them. I have no experience with 3D (except limited Adobe Dimensions and now Illustrator's 3D) and I was looking to get more familiar with it but I didn't want to have to spend the money to get LightWave or Maya.

    Cinema 4D looked like a great program with some powerful features at a more affordable price with option to add on if desired. I know the learning curve is quite steep for 3D applciations but from what I've read Cinema 4D comes with good documentation and a good interface. Would you recommend it for someone who is just starting to learn 3D? Thanks for the help.
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    I don't work for Maxon <---- Gotta emphasize this

    I have tried so many 3D apps and so far Cinema is the easiest one to learn.

    Forget Carrara which Eovia keeps claiming it's easy to use. It's actually NOT. Their interface and working environment (SEVEN separated working environments! FU(K OFF! ) will make you stray for an whole day and you turn out getting nothing out.

    Call your cousins or nephews who are in schools and tell them to get Cinema for you. It's only $250US for the XL bundle
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    You could always try Blender3D. It's absolutely free so it's worth the price of admission. Linky
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    I have some experience with Cinema4D.

    By nature, any 3d package is going to involve some tough stuff. Of the programs I've worked with, Cinema gives you the most power with the least hassel. Personally, I prefer modeling in Lightwave, but aside from that I'd really rather work in the Cinema environment.

    Right now, I get the sense that Cinema4D is rapidly catching Lightwave and Maya because Maxon has built a very clean and efficient codebase. Also, if you check places like CGTalk, you will see top notch Cinema4D work which is every bit as good as the work coming out of any other program.
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