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Hello my people. I'm taking a 3D class this semester and our next assignment is to create an origional 3D scene of something with 4 detailed objects.

I'm thinking about doing some type of Zen Garden/Buddha temple thing...

I'm searching for a picture(s) of one of the famous huge buddha statues from all angles (Front, Side, and Back) to model after. I don't even know the location of the statue that I'm thinking of is, but I would think its the one that most people think of when they think "Buddha". If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!

Thanks a lot!




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    Originally posted by mattjohndrow


    Yeah- thats the obvious answer- I've already tried that and came up with some stuff- but nothing with detail.


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    Some cool writings, images, and animations on 3d Buddha reconstruction by Photogrammetry here.

    After the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas, all we have left are photos and 3d models.

    Sounds a bit like your project, if possibly the wrong pose for your Buddha.

    3d extraction by laser rangefinding on the Kamakura Buddha is discussed in this PDF

    a 3d fax (with photos from all rotations) of the Stanford "Happy Buddha" is here

    the scanning repository data files are here

    But while the easiest might be to grab an existing 3d Buddha model like the one above,

    or the one that has shipped with 3DStudio for 10 years, that might be considered cheating

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    that may help, not too sure though...
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