Comcast buys Disney?

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WTF mate. Disney has really gone down the tubes thanks to the idiot Eisner. First they shaft Pixar then cry about it when Pixar packs up, and to "Get back at them" they're partnering with Microsoft to use Windows Media to distribute disney movies like ironically Monsters and Toy Story. I'm sure that will be a dud costing Disney millions. Now this? Apple really should buy Disney! (Yes yes I know it's supposed to be the other way around and all that but that would be no fun!)


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    a-i think you're misguided

    b- you're late
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    Even though this thread will probably end up locked, I'll put in my $.02 anyway. Disney is a family company, cable TV is not a family thing. Something seems wrong to me about the Comcast / Disney deal. I hope it doesn't go through.
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