Puretracks.com sells 1 million, iTMS Canada still MIA

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If an upstart company with limited advertising budget can garner 1 million songs sold, imagine what Apple Canada could do with the resources of it's parent company behind it.

Come on, don't tell me it's the labels. If Puretracks.com can iron out a deal, surely Apple can.


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    It probably has more to do with different forms of currency ...but I dunno
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member

    Originally posted by Wrong Robot

    It probably has more to do with different forms of currency ...but I dunno

    Yes, we do have more colourful money. But I'm sure the revenue could be channelled through Apple Canada who has an office in Toronto (Markham).
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    gabidgabid Posts: 477member
    I'm still holding out hope for April: as the iTunes Music Store turns 1, Apple celebrates by opening some international stores (Canada and Japan) and launching the iPod mini outside the US. Then again, we've seen how much Apple cares for birthdays (insert stock complaining about lack of 20th anniversary announcements here)

    Seriously though, the only reason I'm a bit worried is because of the amount of time it took to get the on-line Apple Store up and running in Canada. Didn't we come after most other major markets? On the plus side, we did get iPhoto prints early on.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member

    Originally posted by Gabid

    On the plus side, we did get iPhoto prints early on.

    I think they were printed in the states.
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    I'm shocked that Puretracks sold 1 millions songs. Last I heard they were averaging 60, 000 hits per month on their website. Maybe Puretracks was granted an exclusive license for music downloads in Canada and Apple has to wait for it to expire. I can't imagine there are any real licensing issues for iTMS in Canada.
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    recently saw a small montreal-based music store (archambault) advertising their own music download service using wma. such a bad move in my opinion. you would think the teams involved in setting these things don't look at the REAL portable music landscape but rather do what they FEEL like doing.

    regardless - the wait for an itunes music store in canada is getting ridiculously long. apple is losing so much business imo. all these smaller companies/stores are already building their client base. on the other hand once apple enters the arena (with a splash we all hope) all these people may just try itunes... and switch to it for their mp4/aac management.

    i just don't think i can wait much longer... meanwhile - what can i do but WAIT?
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    Originally posted by InactionMan

    I can't imagine there are any real licensing issues for iTMS in Canada.

    If Canada's practices are anything like Europe's, I can.

    Europe's tangle of interests and contracts makes the American music industry look sane.

    Remember, Apple is not interested in juggling zillions of terms and conditions. They want to offer everyone one set of terms in one contract, and license the same set of usage rights for every single track and album. All it takes is a few parties demanding specific terms to hold up the whole train. But the payoff is that every song doesn't have a different set of restrictions programmed into its DRM, nor a more restrictive baseline DRM than the US store enjoys.

    I wish them luck.
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    I only said this because, in general, Canadian and American record labels exist on the same plane with very little difference in roster and operation. If I recall ( I can't access puretracks to check their policy) they managed to secure a consistent licensing scheme the way Apple did for iTMS so I assumed that they had done the dirty work for other companies that wanted to enter the market.

    It could be a case of the record labels and CRIA being on board and whatever body (can't remember the name) that represents the publishers and artists are the ones holding up the process. Or Apple may just be waiting for a world launch of iTMS so us Canucks will have to wait for the mess in Europe to be sorted out.

    Once iTMS is available in Canada I'll happily buy oodles of music there but until then I've gone back to my piratey ways (guilt-free mind you) thanks to bizarre Canadian laws.

    There is a lot of pent up demand for it here. Friends have been asking me about it since it was announced in the U.S. Which is odd because, surprisingly, my friends usually don't give a rat's ass when I go on some nerdy rant about Apple's latest venture.
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