Apple 20" CRT monitor to VGA (VESA)

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A friend of mine has a 20" apple monitor that is about 3 or so years old. Is there an adapter to allow this monitor to be compatible with a PC with VGA connector. Basically is there a DB15 female to DB15 Hi-Density male adapter?? I know that most PC monitors are compatable, but are Apple monitors??


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    Yes, they make adapters and yes, the monitors are compatible with PCs. If this 20" has ColorSync capabilities it is a good idea to use the attached ADB cable so that you can set the color temperature of the resolutions you will be using on the PC with the Mac's monitor control panel in OS 9. If you don't the colors are washed out and the screen may be dim on the PC, and there is no way to set this since the PC has no ADB. I have an AppleVision 17" and a ColorSync 20" and they work great with PCs.
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