Internet Mysteries

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Three years ago I was, well, tired and randomly typed into the web browser I am sure a great deal of people have been there, its just one of those domains. I was intrigued by the possibility to email why I was tired (at that point it was probably because I was on my feet most of the day in a lab that had one chair), but at the same time wary of spam and to whom the email was going. Tonight I finally persued the story behind the website through creative use of whois and google. I leaned of Michael Kuniavsky who apparently established the website as a social experiment (to what and for what end I wasnt really able to discern). But it got me thinking of how many people he probably made smile by his simple website, and how while I am exhausted now my pursuit of the story behind the website entertained me for a moment.

At the same time I was wondering if anyone else has stumbled upon a website that was bizarre enough to stick out in their mind and pursued the back story of the website.

So guys, any stories?


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