mac slow??

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i am jus curious.

is a 600mhz G3 processor really twice as slow as a 1.2ghz P4??? or it is just abit slower??

what do all these numbers mean?? if it is really true, aren't our macs really way off the competition?? wat competitive advantage do we have??


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    It gets to be a relative thing... you have to ask, "Is processor X really twice as slow as processor Y in rendering out a 600 frame LightWave animation with radiosity on?"

    You show me a set of benchmarks that say the G4 is twice as fast as a P3 at double the clock speed, and I'll show you six sets that say otherwise. It's really hard to say...

    I'm running folding@home on a 733Mhz G4, and a 667MHz P3, and the P3 finishes work units considerably quicker than the G4. Folding@home is not AltiVec enhanced to the best of my knowledge, and taking advantage of AltiVec seems to be where a lot of benchmarks swing in favor of the G4....
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