Old Apple fruit colours?

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Does anybody know the Pantone Colour Numbers (?? - not sure of the correct terminology to use) for the six colours on the old Apple logo... or how I could find them out?


Wasn't it JLG who said something along the lines of...

"When you are cut, you must bleed in six colours."


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    The 'fruit' colors:






    The non-fruit colors






    wait, sorry, are you asking what the color values were? like to recreate them?

    hmm, I dunno, but you might want to use the digital color meter on some pictures

    here's a good, large picture to work from maybe..

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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    I think he was talking about these colors:

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    my bad...

    THAT apple
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    Wrong Robot - thanks for the link to that photo of the fruity iMacs... it's nice to have on file. I also love the old Apple logo from the post above.

    However, I want to know the colour numbers used for the old logo (Pantone colour scheme or something like that).

    Thanks again in advance!
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    I'm sorry, I don't know what you are referring too, but have you checked out the digital color meter? to get a sampling of the RGB color values on that logo?
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    I can give you the CMYK colour values, but I don't feel like looking up the Pantone codes. These values are taken from an EPS file of the logo sent to people that needed it for reproducing the logo in print.

    The colours from top to bottom of the logo are:

    C: 60%, M: 00%, Y: 97%, K: 00%

    C: 00%, M: 13%, Y: 97%, K: 00%

    C: 00%, M: 57%, Y: 97%, K: 00%

    C: 02%, M: 95%, Y: 94%, K: 00%

    C: 33%, M: 95%, Y: 00%, K: 00%

    C: 97%, M: 08%, Y: 00%, K: 00%
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    mac+mac+ Posts: 580member
    Yay LoCash - thanks heaps!
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