PowerMac G4 Processor

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I am doing a school project about buying a new computer. My computer of choice was a Mac for its graphic qualities because I am going to school to be a graphic designer. After figuring out what kind of system requirements there were on the software I will be using, I have found I will need either a G3, G4 or G4 dual processor. Well, I don't really need a dual processor and would like to not have to pay for it if I don't have to. However, I cannot find any information about the PowerMac G3 or a single processing G4. Which leads me to believe that my failure to have knowledge about Macintosh computers has yet again screwed me over. *sigh* Well, if anyone can please point me in the direction of a webpage where I can find the system specifications and also some pricing information for a PowerMac G3 or a PowerMac G4 (single processor might I remind you), it would be very very much appreciated!


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