HELP nothing works now that i loaded fonts into Font Book

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I was trying to load all my font into font book, i didnt know that this was a no-no, well anyway last night when i was trying to load them it was taking forever and it was time for me to go home so i hit force quit , well today when i start up my powerbook all my fonts are loaded and it is taking forever to start, so i start up fontbook to diasable the font and the dang circle has been going for about 60 min now, all my fonts are messed up, my safari wont launch, remote desktop wont work, among other things. i go into my font folder and there is only 28 fonts and the fonts that i was loading was coming from an external hard drive. is there a way to disable the fonts or will i have to wait for font book to finish loading if it ever does.
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