DVD drive for PowerBook G3

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I have a PowerBook G3, the 233 MHz model with a 20x CD-ROM drive standard. Where can I get a DVD drive for it so I can watch DVD movies? Would it be worth it to get one for the expansion bay, or is an external drive good enough and/or cheaper?


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    OWC Firewire SuperDrives (DVD-R/RW + CDR/CDRW) -

    Site sponsor Other World Computing sent a note about their Superdrive based Firewire drives:

    OWC Mercury Pro FireWire DVD-RW/CD-RW Storage Solutions

    $489 package is complete with FireWire cable, Power, and CDR/CDRW media, but no software. More than our competitors offer whereas they make you buy the FireWire cable separately...

    The $549 model includes 1 DVD-R, 1 CD-R, 1 CD-RW medias; FireWire and Power Cable, AND the FULL Retail version of Roxio Toast Titanium 5.

    I think these are the best deals available too.

    Best Regards,

    Larry O'Connor

    Other World Computing, Inc. "

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    Thanks, but I'm looking for a lower cost sort of thing. I don't need to burn CDs and I don't need to burn DVDs, I'd just like to be able to play DVD movies on my computer. I saw something about a VST expansion bay DVD drive. Does anyone know more about these, like where I could get one or how much it would cost?
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