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I was just wondering if anyone knew of a sleve style case for the iPodmini or am I too early still. Thanks


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    as i understand it, one of the main size advantages of these new minis is that they don't need a case/protective layer b/c they're made of aluminum... that's why it's effectively MUCH smaller than the regular ipod and why it's not really only fifty dollars less expensive than the 15gb. The 15 will almost certainly need a case, which adds to the total cost. maybe i'm wrong.

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    Several companies have announced cases - leather, plastic etc. Check the internet. None are actually available as yet. And don't believe that the new iPods are scratch proof. They are more resistant but they way people handle them will determine if they get banged up or not.


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    johnrpjohnrp Posts: 357member
    I am going to be producing cases/covers for the new ipod mini. The problem is that I am in the UK and have no way to test them.

    I have all the specs fom apple and have a prototype ready.. Would you like to test it for me ?

    If so send a private message and we can discuss.

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