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I need a wireless router for my apartment. It needs to connect 2 PC's, one laptop (win.) a powerbook, and maybe my printer. Unfortunately, my PC's do not have wireless cards, and printer has neither USB/Firewire, nor Ethernet ports out. Would it still be possible to do wireless printing? Should I go with a generic router, (ie. Linksys, Netgear etc.) or should I buy an ABS.

Alright so synopsis:
  • Need wireless router for: 2 PC's, 1 Windows laptop, 1 Powerbook, and Epson printer

  • PC's have no wireless antennas

  • Is it possible to set up wireless printing w/o USB/Firewire/Ethernet port on printer?

Thanks for all your help!

Ohh and by the way, I did do a search on this, just none of the responses were as specific as my questions so... thanks!


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    I have a US Robotics 802.11b station that has 3 ethernet ports and a printer port (you basically print to the station, which then forwards to the printer).

    It was cheap when I bought it; It'd be hella cheap now if you can find one. If you do, ask me how to print via OSX.
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    Hmmm... I'll look into it

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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Make sure that you get a router that supports WPA.

    It's much more secure than WEP.

    Minutes ago I just hooked up a Linksys WRT54G and it's working great with my PowerBook.
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    I got a D-Link 810.11b wireless router for $60 plus a $30 mail in rebate from COMP-USA. The router is great, especially for $30 bucks. Although I have an airport extreme card, for normal use it is fine, for uploading I sacrifice and plug into the router. What a pain!!
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    My girlfriend has that router (lynksys WRT54G) and I have NEVER had a problem using it. Just open my 17" PB, open Safari, and I am ready to go.
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    I could swear none of you read the original poster's post(?).

    Anyway, the model I mentioned is the USR8011 and it prints via a parallel port, so obviously your printer must have one.
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    Parallel port I do have. If I find the router I think it would be a worth purchase because I'm not too sure if i really need G for the stuff I do. Plus my room is wired for ethernet so I can plug that right in if I must.
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    I suppose another alternative would be a device that converts parallel ports into usb or firewire. Then I could buy nearly any of the routers that support wireless printing. I dunno. A new printer is not completely out of the question either, especially moderatelty priced laser printers.
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    i use this belkin i have it conected to 2 pcs

    and one g4 tower and my powerbook runs wireless.

    ive never had a problem and internet speeds are fast and reliable

    heres the url

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    Well my friend is going to gimme his g.f's old Linksys B router, but it doesn't have USB, just Ethernet. I''m going to have to figure out how to print via ethernet to a parallel port printer. Hmm, I need a laser printer by the way, any recommendations?
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