Titanium Powerbook Spits Out DVD

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My Powerbook ejects DVD-Rs upon insertion. This is a Combo drive model running Panther with all the updates installed. The discs are purple colored on the business side. Can someone help me play these DVD Archive Backup discs?


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    Nice work Francisco. Your not gonna get help from here if your looking for a way to play pirated movies, in fact, thats a good way to get hit with the big ol' ban stick.
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    Don't you give me that face... DMB sucks.
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    I'm glad you think so, but this thread isn't about DMB, it's about you pirating movies. Don't do it, and don't ask for help from us when you can't get them to work.

    I have a good way for you to get the movies to play on your computer, BUY THEM!

    Edit: Way to edit your post too so you wouldn't get in trouble.

    It used to say something about how he wanted to play pirated movies.
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    Guess what?

    DMBand0026 is right!

    Asking about help with pirated goods gets you several steps closer to getting whacked with the ban stick. In fact, discussions of such material are explicitly prohibited by the Posting Guidelines.

    I see you edited your post. Too late!

    This thread is hereby closed.
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