Purchasing Digital Camera Online(heard of this site?)

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Okay, so I saw the post here about the Digital Rebel so maybe this can be answered(or at least get feedback) here too. If it's in the wrong spot or doesn't belong on this board, I apologize. Anyway, I'm looking at picking up a digital camera soon. I am looking at the digital canon rebel or canon 10D. Anyone heard of or used royalcamera.com? This site advertises these two cameras at hundreds of dollars less than other sites. Any thoughts if anyone's heard of this site? Thanks.


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    1) If the price looks too good to be true, it is. They may do several things here. They might charge your credit card and send you nothing for months. They might send you a gray market version from a foreign market that doesn't come with the same kit contents and US warranty. They may have "gotcha" wording where they sell you the "camera only" and it really is only the camera and not the rest of the kit.

    That leads to:

    2) www.resellerratings.com - That website is your friend. Judging by (1) above, I'd guess Royal Camera is scraping the bottom at (2). What a surprise...

    3) Buy from the following:

    B&H (Reseller Rating)

    Adorama (Reseller Rating)

    Calumet (Reseller Rating)

    Ritz Camera (Reseller Rating)

    State Street Direct (Reseller Rating)

    J&R (Reseller Rating)

    J&R has a what would normally be a dangerously low rating, but I consider them safe (not scammers.)
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    j and r is great. ive bought my ipod, and 2 digital cameras and a lot of stuff from there. oh, and a powerbook, and some memory etc. i know the store in NYC, i've been there, and as i live in IL i love not having the tax. so jandr.com is trustable.

    if you see a better price for something, check what it includes. then call jandr and tell them where you saw something at waht price. they may give you discount.
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    Items carry either overseas, USA or Royal warranty, USA warranty may vary in cost.Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of international items.some international products may not include english manuals.




    That is from thier website... so you MIGHT pay extra for the normal USA warranty, and you'll PROBABLY have to wait 3-4 weeks to get it.

    Otherwise, it sounds like an honest enough store, though I couldn;t figure out WHERE it's located (in some third-world country?)
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member

    Originally posted by KingOfSomewhereHot

    Otherwise, it sounds like an honest enough store, though I couldn;t figure out WHERE it's located (in some third-world country?)

    Are you serious?

    You obviously did not read Eugene's link to their seller rating page:

    Royal Camera

    A few good examples:

    "Sales people are rude, obnoxious and without any professional integrity. Rip off on shipping. $59.95 for a small camera body. refused to sell camera body if I did not buy hundreds of dollars of extras. Like manufactures included items. Battery, charger, strap. Also insisted I buy items I did not need. This compamy has no ethics. Thier bisiness practise borders on being illegal."

    "NEVER EVER EVER buy from this shady company. I recently placed an order and recieved an email stating I needed to call and confirm my order. Which turned out to be another ploy to get me to buy a $300 warranty. When i refused to buy it the salesman became very rude and when I asked him to cancel my order he refused. I then got extremely angry and asked to speak to a supervisor. He then began to make personal attacks at which I hung up on him. He called me back and tried to impersonate his manager. I recognized his voice and hung up again. I then called my credit card company and filed a complaint. Don't buy anything from here unless you are prepared to deal with some of the rudest, most ignorant group of people out there."

    "Tried to purchase Sony VX2000 on their website for $1,549. They call me back and offer me the unit for $2300....the $1,549 would not include the warranty, AC adapter, battery, etc....so basically they want $750 extra to be able to plug it in! What a joke. How do they stay in business with this technique? Aren't there laws about false advertising?"

    Anyone who reads this page and still buys from these pricks DESERVES to have their money stolen, their houses burned, and their lives ruined.

    Go and read through their ratings pages. There are some really good lengthy explanations of some really messed up dealings. It's unbelievable. I'm thinking of calling this morning just to see what kind of a salesman I get!

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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    Some brick-and-mortar stores match online prices.

    Whenever I find a price/site like that, I go into a brick-and-mortar store and show them the printout. They often tack the shipping charge onto the price, but you get the product you wanted at the price you wanted.
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    meecesmeeces Posts: 160member
    Thanks everyone for input. I kind of figured the price is too good to be true thing. Although when going to there individual sections of digital cameras (i.e. the canon page) at the bottom of the page it says they are a certified merchant with pricehead.com. But I like the resellerratings page. Save me some pain and frustration.
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    nope ... i didn't read that link ... scary

    I just perused the retail-site he was looking at.

    That'll teach me to post without reading every link previously posted !
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    DELL.com offer some good deals on third-party hardware.

    For example: Sony CyberShot DSC-P92 5M camera for $277 shipped after using the coupon.
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    Try CalumetPhoto.com There a brick and mortar as well as a online store...

    There's a lot to be said about brick and mortar... And this does not mean Walmart... that a brick of another color...
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