Internet causing Jaguar Crash?

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I am hoping someone can help I am at my wits end. I sent my old G4 tower to my parents when I upgraded to a G5. It worked fine for me before I shipped it...I reinstalled everything and tested it with no problem. Now my parents have it and it seems often when they go to use internet stuff the computer kernel panic (although it doesn't seem to log it). It doesn't happen ALL the time just SOMETIMES. It doesn't seem to matter if it is iChat, Safari or AOL. My only thoughts are they are on a differnet cable modem (they use the GI Surfboard) and network (Cablevision Optimum Online) than I was. I kept talking up the Mac trying to get them to switch and now it keeps crashing...doesn't look good! Help!


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    There has been some security issues with Jaguar.

    Sign up to a local 56K ISP for a few weeks and see if is the cable modem.

    Since everybody shares a cable modem line, this causes problems.

    I have a friend who has a phone via cable, he gets all sort of interruptions from a local cb hobbiest who just blasts his signal right into the cable.

    Cable is trying to do too much with one line, everybody suffers.
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