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I have a 2001 revision iBook with 10GB of hard disk space. I would like to buy a new hard drive. Both IBM, Fujitsu and Toshiba produce hard disk drives that can be used with the iBook. I'd like to know which one people would recommend. Also, I heard that the price of HDDs like Ram fluctuates constantly. If so, then how whould I know when to buy, as to buying it at the cheapest time (I don't want it too urgently)


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    i have the same machine, and had the same old HD (10 GB)

    i bought the toshiba 30GB for it. the prices were sitting pretty stable at the time.

    for which HD to use, head over to <a href="http://www.xlr8yourmac.com."; target="_blank">www.xlr8yourmac.com.</a> the site will have all the info you need, along with testimonials from people who've done the same work.

    that being said, you may want to read up in the genius bar and online. most of the people who update the HD in their 2001 iBook's say that they're glad they did it, but they'd never do it again.

    it is by far the hardest HD update of any Mac computer to date. takes hours to get it done, and there's a decent chance you'll break something in the process. read the stories of people who've done it, and find out if you'll think you're up for it.

    p.s. make sure that you're checking on the dual USB, 2001 iBook. the older ones are much easier to upgrade, and may or may not sure the same drive.
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    If you're looking at either a 30GB or 40GB drive then I would stick with either IBM or Toshiba drives myself. I would also urge you to go for the 40GB drive which is the new max for iBooks. Considering the time and effort into installing it yourself or the cost for having a tech do it you might as well invest in the biggest and the best for your iBook.

    I'm looking into doing this same upgrade myself. Personnelly I'm going for an IBM TravelStar drive. Two places to go for the best prices are <a href="http://www.googlegear.com"; target="_blank">GoogleGear.com</a> and <a href="http://www.pricewatch.com"; target="_blank">PriceWatch.com</a>. With shipping (within the US) a 40GB drive will cost you around $165-$170.
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