any way to share iTunes?

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There are five in my family all sharing the same iMac. If we all keep our CD's on iTunes under our respective loggins the HD will soon fill up. Is there a way that I can move the itunes directory to a common area od the HD so that we can all share the same songs?

One member of the family wants to get an iPod so I fear for my video editing...


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    Look here.
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    Damn, sharing a computer with five people! How horrible that must be.
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    you could always move the iTunes music folder to a "Shared" folder,

    then repoint each user's instance of iTunes library location to that Shared folder

    in this way, everybody would be accessing a single common library all could add/remove from,

    but the aforementioned issue with only one instance of iTunes permitted to run per computer

    (fast-user switching to another user limited by one active iTunes process per machine)

    might still impact you if you're asking for each user to have copies running.

    you might also consider parking the master iTunes library on an external FW drive that's shared

    (but if you're the one worried about drive space for NLE, maybe you could use the external FW drive, and allow the internal HD for the iMac to fill up with music, since an external FW drive will be higher RPM access for editing and capture anyway).

    does that help or provide alternative ideas for you to evaluate?

    are we misinterpreting your need and offering solutions that fail to address any other issues?
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