DHTML question.

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The menus, well, you can see what I want.

The code is not very economic, I'm sure, so if there are any hints as to how to condense it that'd be great, but what I really need is for it to work!

As it is, you can approach the submenus from the bottom and they appear. They're still there, even though they're invisible. I need the onmouseover to only be active when moved to from the main menu item...

Thank you in advance!



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    A Simple way of doing this would be:


    <script language="javascript">

    // <!---

    function showMe(theName) {

    document.getElementById(theName).style.visibil ity = 'visible';


    function hideMe(theName) {

    document.getElementById(theName).style.visibil ity = 'hidden';


    // -->


    in the head, and then the lines would look like:


    <span class="menuitem" onMouseOver="showMe('subinfo');"


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    ooh, extra credit for my web design class!
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    Thanks, but I can't get that to work...can you?

    Feel free to PM me the entire code if you can.

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