18" LCD recommendations?

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I'm Interested in getting an 18" LCD. I've been looking for reviews & whatnot but have found precious few so I was hoping someone here might be able to help.

It definately must be DVI & hopefully not look beige & boxy. I'd also prefer 1280x1024 native res. It's for home use so I'll be doing light graphic work, internet & gaming (including the occasional fps like Dues Ex or Rogue Spear).

Of the reading material I could find I found that apparently many of todays LCD's can't keep up with fps very well. Apparently there's some sort of "blurring" effect (I'm not talking about running at a non native resolution, apparently has to do with lower refress rates most LCD's).

I've been looking at the Sony SDMM81/B. It looks really nice & is DVI but in one of the few reviews I found said that it had some problems with fps. Apparently the SGI SW1600 does not have these problems with fps (guess it has a really good refress rate) but I'm really looking for an 18". It was suggested that the Hitachi CML181 would probably be good with fps but that the reviewer didn't actually test it (just looked at the specs). Unfortunately this monitor is "Ivory" (read beige) & very boxy.

Any recomendations? Right now I'm leaning towards the Sony since I only play the occasion fps but I'd really like find something that's good at everything. Any suggestions or insights (like what to look for in the specs) are appreciated.


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    Nec is coming out with a new LCD.
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    I run two of the SGI displays, and they're real workhorses. The display itself has an OpenLDI connector, which ended up not getting widely accepted. So in order to get the display to work with a non-OpenLDI graphics card, you have to have a little black box that SGI made called the Multilink Adapter. The Multilink has it's own built-in scaler for helping the display render non-native resolutions, and provides the ability to use VGA, DVI, and Digital RGB with the display.

    The SGI display refreshes 60 times a second. It's also widescreen, which aside from the "coolness" factor, also fills your natural visual space better, since we naturally see 'wide' anyway. The display and multilink can be found on ebay for under a thousand dollars. The display won numerous awards, and is still a mighty fine display today. You won't be disappointed with one
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    Not to be an ass but I have found this thread at Ars to be very informative on exactly what you are looking for.

    <a href="http://arstechnica.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?a=tpc&s=50009562&f=67909965&m=4190936913"; target="_blank">17-18" Flat Panel Thread</a>
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    Tiga Tiga Woods has it right. NEC is about to release an 18" 1280x1024 LCD that actually has a *wider* viewing angle than the 17" Apple version, as well as some other cool bells and whistles. Check out their web site for more.
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