Minimal OS 9 Install (For Use By Classic)

in Mac Software edited January 2014
So I know recently there were some threads about REMOVING OS 9 from the hd. What I want to know about is adding it back in. I had archived my System Folder via zip and tossed it on my FW backup drive, but I'd now like to reinstall it "just in case" as some pointed out in the other threads. However...I was wondering how much i could slim down the installation so that I had all I needed for it to run any Classic app that might need running. I have the 9.2.2 install disk that came with my PowerBook. When running the installer, should I just check off "Mac OS 9.2.2" and leave EVERYTHING else blank? Or is there anything else I need to add to it? The folder I archived was about 240 there any fat in there I can trim?


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