commander keen

in Mac Software edited January 2014
does anyone know where i could get a free copy of this game for osx?



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    Wow. Commander Keen. I remember it way back in the day, used to be my favorite game. Anyways, I am sure no one has ported this over (but would love to stand corrected). I think the only way you could get it to work would be Virtual PC which of course costs money....
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    It might be undemanding enough to run on Bochs, if 1) you can get Bochs setup to run MS-DOS and 2) you have a reasonably fast Mac.
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    sroachsroach Posts: 105member
    That game was pretty cool, I think I got a free copy of it in a pack of floppy disks.
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    look up dosbox on sourceforge
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