what contraption/appliance of your's do you wish was on the net?

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I can think of a handful of times I have run across various sources of information talking about refridgerators, etc. having internet access to allow remote controlling.

examples of what i am referring to:

[ your car ]

[ net fridge ]

[ commentary 1 ]

[ commentary 2 ]

so that is the background here. maybe this stuff has long been proved uninteresting, but i have some things i'd like on the net.

#1: my teapot. i would love to tell my teapot to have hot water for me when i get hame from work

#2: my indoor thermometer

ok, when i started this post, i thought i would be able to think of a bunch of things, but now i can't. maybe that is why this trend isn't more popular


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    X10 would do both of those things, and there are X10 units that plug into, and can be controlled by, your internet-accessed computer.

    1) Get an electric teapot, fill before you leave home, plug it into an X10 outlet. During the day, log in, (or, with other modules, *call* in), and give it a time to kick on. Voila.

    2) There are X10 thermostats that let you control them remotely using the same ideas.

    Most of what people seem to want is remote control, and currently available technologies exist to do most of it, without requiring buying any new appliances... which of course the appliance companies hate...
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    my toilet. so i can track how much i'm crapping.
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    The toilet paper roll holder, so I can finally prove that women use like five times as much toilet paper as men.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,432member

    Originally posted by LoCash

    The toilet paper roll holder, so I can finally prove that women use like five times as much toilet paper as men.

    OMG is there any doubt to this???

    I'd like a Net-Enabled

    Television- TVs should have PVR option built right in with the ability to login and get guide data. No more external box to fuss with.

    Clock- I should be able to look at my clock and see the accurate time plus weather forcast for the day or week. All this fed by syncing with readily available internet data.

    Telephone- Vonage is just the beginning. I'm looking for more than "just" a phone. Give me IM capability, Video Conferencing and Net access..right from the phone.

    DVD Player- Should be net connected and able to receive feeds that can use the built in processing of the player. iVid Video store anyone?

    Refridgerator- Not only should I be able to keep a tally on what I have in the fridge but I also should be able to link to various store and find out what items I need(user specified list) and at WHAT store that product is on sale or cheaper. This would be a small subscription service with data fed by the provider. It should store recipes and be able to tell you if you have the necessary ingredients.
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