Any way to make iPod NOT store artwork?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Anyone know a way to make the iPod NOT download the artwork that you've got stored in iTunes? I dig having the album covers pop up on the screen, but I don't want a huge chunk of hard drive space filled with artwork that really has reason to be on the iPod in the first place.

Anyone know why the Pod grabs the artwork in the first place? Not like I can look at the artwork on my 2" greyscale screen.


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    The artwork is actually embedded into the MP3 or AAC files. You would have to have the software strip the artwork from the files whilst transferring to the iPod. Nothing does this currently.
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    BTW, how much space would it free up anyway? Not that much, I would imagine.
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    Sucks that it's not an option. Maybe I can keep my fingers crossed for the next version of iTunes.

    Actually, it seemed to take up a decent amount of space on my 20 gig iPod. I put artwork on about 1000 songs and it seemed to take up at least a half a gig if not almost a full gig. That's fine for now because I have the space free, but once I get around to ripping the rest of my music into iTunes, it's going to cause problems.
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