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i was wondering how to make certain parts of the screen to stay constant but be able to change other parts, not using frames. does css do this? how do u make a link system like apples. thanks, hope im not askin too much.



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    Yes, CSS let's you assign a value called "fixed" to a given element's "position" property.

    .thingYouWantFixed {

    position: fixed;

    (other CSS if you want)


    Omitting the position property will let it default to normal behavior.

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    are you talking about refresh between page clicks where some button elements appear not to need reloading, or are you discussing scroll behaviour inside an already loaded page ?

    the fact that the top buttons don't seem to change may have more to do with them already being in cache, and therefore loading "instantly and invisibly", than only the lower part of the page updating without frames via the CSS method above.

    but maybe I'm misinterpreting your question.

    if you meant the case of partial scroll in a page, then CSS above is a better answer.
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member

    I see your point now that I reread it

    Not sure which of us is right
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    "link system like Apple's" is just a table with tab and button graphics in two rows. More to it than that but not much more.

    A-hah! I think you are asking how to make a set of links be on every page in a site.

    I think what you want are server side includes. This lets you define the, let's call it navigationbar, and you merely call it within you pages without needing to actually duplicate the code everywhere.

    Various scripting languages let you do it in various ways, mostly similar. Tell us what language you are using.
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    in fact if you "View Source" on a few related pages at Apple,

    you'll likely see the Javascript for "Nav bar" elements and rollovers that are common

    (and nicely commented)
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    u both answered my questions, i guess i really wanted to know both. thanks for that link, very helpful. sorry if i sounded too vegue (sp?) but you supplied me with what i was looking with nonetheless.

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    vague, just FYI
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