Installing 10.3?

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I have 10.2.6 and want to install 10.3 . I read that it was recommended to install 10.3 on a free disk.

If I want to keep the users settings is it as simple as making a backup and copying them back when 10.3 is installed?

Is it still recomended to have 9.2.2 installed on an seperate partition?

I read in one arrticle that there was a problem with the geforce 2MX and 10.3 . Do you have any infos on that point?

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    If you want to upgrade to 10.3 there are several options. First is an archive and install. This will preserve all your user and network settings after the upgrade. Another option is called "Clean install". And that is just what it says. It will wipe your hard drive completely. The big advantage of a clean install is speed and reliability/stability. Anyone here will vouch for the fact that OS X runs better on a clean install. The problem with the clean install is that it does wipe your hard drive. So if you want, create a backup of everyone's home folders on an external disk, do a clean install of 10.3 and than copy the home folders back to your computer and everything should remain the same.

    As far as 9.2.2 goes, how often do you use classic? Depending on how often it is you might just want to create a backup of classic on a CD. To do that, open up Disk Utility (Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility) and create a new disk image that is about 10 MB larger than the size of your classic system folder (you can find the exact size by locating your OS 9 folder and pressing apple+I to get info on it). Copy your classic system folder to the disk image that should be mounted on your desktop. Eject that disk image and go back into disk utility and select the .dmg in the sidebar and go to "Image/Convert." Convert it to a compressed dmg and than burn that to a CD. Than whenever you need classic, you can just pop in your Classic CD and mount the disk image. Less mess, less fuss.

    Sorry, I don't have any info about the 2MX and 10.3. Maybe someone can help you out with that.
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