Apple Store in San Francisco

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I have been waiting many months for the store in San Francisco to open. Here I include two pictures I took from the store. The first one is from around Sept 2003, and the second one is from two days ago (Feb 19). It's coming along fine, but their schedule is kind of tight if they want to open by Feb 28.

I have only been to the Apple Store in Palo Alto so far, and I liked it a lot.



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    Cool Cube. Where is this one going to be? looks kind of like its in the tenderloin...

    Is this off of Market Street and lets say around 6th or so? or am I completely off, its been a while since I lived in the city...
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    The store is on Market street, between the San Francisco Shopping Center (home of the Nordstrums with the curved escalators) and Union Square. Across the street from the Apple store is a Virgin Mega Store. There used to be Planet Hollywood and FAO Schwartz on the block with Virgin.
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    Mac_ken_Cheez, the address is:

    One Stockton Street

    San Francisco, CA 94108

    The cross streets are Ellis and Market. In fact, the Powell Street BART station's "Union Square" escalator is *within* the bounds of the store.
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    Ok, now I have a bearing that will make a nifty improvement for that corner, and should prove to be Hot Location.. Uptown on one side, Somo on the other, Bart underneath, and Tourist all over the place...

    I'll mark it as a destination place...
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    SoMa :P
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