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tODAY i WAS UPLOADING SOMETHING TO MY IpOD, AND MY COMPUTER FROZE (sorry, didn't realise caps were on).. so I restarted it, but my iPod is now frozen. I can't mount it onto my mac, and the Flashing DO NOT DISCONNECT screen is frozen on the iPod screen.

If I put the pod to my ear I can hear the HD "thinking" inside...

What should I do?

I have pressed all the buttons and nothing is working, and it is Sunday here so nowhere is open for me to go to.

PLease help.



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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    Forget it! I just simply re-set it and now it works fine... I'M DUMB!!! I was panicing and not thinking clearly... my bad.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    hold down menu and pause/play for about 10 seconds. It will force the iPod to reset.

    EDIT: A few seconds too late!
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    Alright. Calm down. This happens sometimes, and it's typically nothing permanent.

    First try reseting the iPod. [list=1][*]Toggle the hold switch from on to off once[*]Then hold the menu and pause buttons until the apple logo appears.[/list=1]

    Ok, this should reset the iPod and bring it back to normal operating mode. This will not erase the data on the pod.

    If it does not work, a reformat is in the future for the pod. Download the iPod updating software, and use it to reformat the iPod. This is a last resort, but the reset should work.

    EDIT: A few min too late. LMAO. Shouldn't have written so much. Ahh well, @ least you caught the error quickly, and by yourself.
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