[email protected], recruits needed!

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Hello to our Folding friends at AI,

If you haven't joined the good cause by donating spare CPU to Stanford University to cure the world of disease, I ask you to do so now.

As most of you already know, Team Mac OS X and AI have worked together to put the smack-down on Silent PC Review in the folding stats.

Unfortunately the enemy has retaliated and closed dangerously close to our Team, in fact we are in danger of loosing the smack-down we worked so hard to achieve.

So if you are presently Folding, keep it up and if you want to help keep our Team from being overtaken and wish to join the effort, please join us in our forums, lend some support and click on these links.

Don't let these Mac bashing PC'er get us!! Fold today, medical science needs the help!


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    AppleInsider is NOT grounds for spamming to recruit people into your group, folding or otherwise.

    If you insist on doing so, at least have the courtesy to keep it in the five-page thread that you were using before.

    This is the only time I'll say this. Next time gets a more permanent whack from the admin stick.
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