Excel: A CPU hog, Slow?

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I have a database with 1600 entries of @ 25 variables that I am using list view on. Nothing large (unless you are the one who did all the typing) but it brings my computer to its knees everytime I try something with it. Sort decending it handles okay but to have it filter the entries by just two variables takes minutes and more is damn close to impossible. Any advise or do I have to live with it?

SHIT. Please edit the heading to something more describing.


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    lol... How about:

    "Excel: A Piece of Crap"

    "Excel: Amorphous Pain"

    "Excel: Absurdly Bloated"

    "Excel: Aggregated Nuisances"

    Okay, enough fun. "Excel: A CPU hog, Slow?"

    I don't use Excel for anything that big; so, I typically don't have problems with it.
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    turn off the feedback with animation and sound "features", see if that helps.
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    dude you're going to have to take off feedback, and possibly set it up maybe on different pages. I know your pain man. Where I work I have to deal with traffic and media buy excel files that are almost 10 meg in size. I think we have one for one client that we use to track inquiry from when what media ran... 1200 entries per market, 12 markets, 30 variables for each market... doing the reports is hell if you figure out somethen else please let me know heh
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    mccrabmccrab Posts: 201member
    Excel is a very good example of a poorly written Mac application - if you have sizeable spreadsheets and need to do serious data crunching (or calculations) forget it. It's a real pity too, because it performs extremely well under Windows and has a function set that is second to none. It almost seems that MS used the same code base without any optimisation for the Mac platform.

    If money is no object, it is worth considering an application such as Panorama (from ProVUE - see www.provue.com). For data manipulation, it will eat what you describe in seconds. Panorama is a very powerful, memory-based database, with excellent analysis functionality built in. It also has its own macro/programming language. What's more - it's amazingly fast (if you think 1,600 rows is large, try 200,000 or 300,000).

    An OS X beta of the software was released late last year - the version for Classic runs well. Definitely worth a look. Only question is whether it has the requisite power for your analysis.
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